NEMO Science Museum: time to experiment!

A tall, green building above the water of the IJ waterway. This is NEMO, the largest science museum in the Netherlands where you can dive into experiments and explore science and technology. Anyone curious about the world in which we live will adore this interactive museum – the perfect place to smell, hear, taste, feel and see how our planet works.

Family Fun

Optical illusion and energy

Have you always wanted to know how lightning works? Or what the odds are of an alien knocking on your door? These and many other topics are addressed at NEMO. The museum allows children and their parents to experiment, discover and experience.  In the exhibition ‘World of Shapes’, children will appear larger than their parents in the Ames room. Yet seated on a gigantic chair everyone feels tiny. You can also visit the exhibit `Full of Energy’. Use wind, light and water to capture as much energy as possible. Then use this energy to power all kinds of fascinating objects. By converting the energy correctly, the object will move faster and faster! Visitors will also learn in a fun and educational way why renewable energy sources are better for the environment than fossil fuels.

Enjoy NEMO’s fabulous view

Enjoy NEMO’s fabulous view

Interactive energetics

Feel the energy from the wind, water and sun and battle the forces of nature. The exhibit “Energetics” displays sculptures and installations that visitors can play with and operate. From sundial to kite: discover all about the elements and learn how sustainable energy works. The rooftop Water Cascade contains 12 water spouts that use the energy generated by the adjacent solar island and wind island. Measure your strength against one of the elements. This outdoor exhibit on the roof of the NEMO is free of charge.

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